Tiger Heroes is a fundraising effort by Artist, Matthew McAvene to support those who are doing the heroic work of saving wild tigers. Wild tiger populations have dropped from 100,000 in the early 1900's to an estimated 3000 today. Conservation is a complex issue due to education, poaching, habitat loss and more. Funding makes the conservation effort possible and more effective on all fronts. McAvene's creating  and selling a limited edition of 10 Tiger Head Sculptures. Proceeds will go  to Wild Tiger Conservation.

10 Sculptures

'I'll be creating 10 sculptures, with a goal of raising a minimum of $3M to help save wild tigers. Each sculpture will be different. That means they will be an extremely rare commodity. Yet their value could never compare to that of the remaining tigers fighting for survival in the wild. There's no dollar amount for such magnificent creatures who have evolved over millions of years to be as elegantly designed by nature. I'm no expert on tigers, my place is in the art studio, but if I can support the heroes of this cause, then a part of the dream will be realized.'

Matthew McAvene

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Artist Matthew McAvene with finished Hand-Crafted Tiger Sculpture.

Artist Matthew McAvene with finished Hand-Crafted Tiger Sculpture.