About the Artist

The Artist, Matthew McAvene

Matthew is a master artisan creating a range of works in mixed media, paint and kinetic sculpture.  McAvene's prolific creative background has exposed him to a variety of materials and techniques, equipping him with renaissance ability to craft work as a sculptor, painter, musician, carpenter, puppet builder, designer, engineer, inventor, writer, film maker and special effects artist. (see articles below)

Currently, he applies his knowledge of materials to create distinct luxury fine art works. His newly available work is a Limited Edition Tiger Head Sculpture. It is made with a variety of materials from steel and plastic to high density foam and textiles. It also features programmable LED lights in the eyes, which can glow or flash in a full spectrum of colors.

'My mission is to explore new frontiers of imagination and create artwork based on my discoveries, then share it with the world. My ambition is to work with philanthropists and charities to build larger than life art to raise funds for a great cause. The innermost aim of my creativity, is to give form and illumination to the uncharted territories of the soul.'

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